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Anyone figure out what is causing "Unexpected response from server - please try again or switch off JavaScript"

Version 1.6.3

It comes and goes... I had it long time ago, and disappear without doing anything then back again,

It shows up when I try to ask a question, exactly first part of categories loads and when it tries to load sub category, it displays that error and also When I try to edit previously asked question, I click edit button and try to load the question in the editor, but sub category loading process trigger that error message

Please help


Q2A version: 1.6.3
More info when this happens, if I try to save settings for posting option in management screen, it won't save, after clicking save button, without saving kicking me to main domain page...

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After hours and hours of researching, trying to find the solution, finally we found that OWASP RuleSet was causing the issue, It part of ModSecurity, preventing some kind of blocking posting and database communications....

Wow, spent half a day to figure this out... :)