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  1. I need two type of users in site. One type for normal users who will ask questions and second for experts (who will answer the questions). Is it possible to do it? How to do?
  2. How to change User (text) to some other text like 'expert'


Q2A version: 1.7
If you do not want to allow normal user to give answer at all than you need to disable answer system for them same for the experts you need to disable question.

This is possible but need some additional codding to the theme or plugin.

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Who are going to choose if an user is an expert or not? If the administrator is supposed to choose this, you can change this behaviour in "Admin/permissions". Note that you have to change the behaviour of people that are able to answer. You only have to choose experts there. Then, the administrator goes to the profile of the users they want set as expert and do that.