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i want help me to have more security.(i'm newbie)

i have wordpress in my other databse.(by other guys help)i change my login address and limit admin access and add some codes in it's .htaccess(and config) and etc for more sucurity.

(i'm done official security guids but)how i can get more seciurity?

1.how to limit access to admin

2.how to have a special address for admin login

3.how to hide super admin(remove from users list and etc)

4.is there any codes to add in q2a .htaccess(or etc) for more security?

5.which files are so important and which permissions must they have?

i think it's verry good if a pro user write a "full" security guidness and place in secure page.

thank you very much

Q2A version: 1.7
any help?
i have a religious site.i think many groups will try to hack me in future.
please help me to have a safe site
thank you very much
Still Waiting:(
I really need to have high security...please help me to do that
thank you
I don't want to spam.but i really want to know...
if not.please help me to have more security

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