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The image says it all.

I would be happy if you can help me. Thanks.

Q2A version: 1.7

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The developer of the theme explained this issue was fixed here: http://support.q2amarket.com/98

If the answer is not there, then you'll have to provide more details because I can't reproduce that. I did notice there is an issue when you disable voting but in your case it is enabled :/
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I solved this issue hiding sidebar. I think it  looks better without sidebar.

But now I have another issue:

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I found the solution.

in qa-styles.css:

Main area width:

.qa-main { 
    padding-left: 10px; 
    float: left; 
    width: 708px; //Change 708 to 710
    margin: 10px 0 24px; 
    clear: left; 
    overflow: hidden; 

Sidebar width:

.qa-sidepanel { 
    float: right; 
    width: 240px; //Change 240 to 238
    padding: 10px; 
    min-height: 80px;