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How can you display a user's name in place their username.

And on a related note. How do you display other fields from the userprofile table next to their name? For example, if there are 2 John Smiths on the system it would be better to display 'name (company name)' to tell them apart if they do not have an avatar.
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For the first question I would suggest changing the form label so that instead of "username" it says "display name". Then hide the Full Name field. The user logs in with their email address and password rather than their username.

For the second question you'd need to override the appropriate function in your custom theme. I don't know if the right variables are available at that point, though. But with the approach to the first question, it means two people can't use the same "display name" because the usernames must be unique. So you may not need it.
Thanks very much.
I meant to add, you can change the form labels through the language files. Look at the files starting with qa-lang-