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Is is possible to let mandrill handle notifications email? How to do this?
can you please clarify whats the " mandrill handle notifications" means ?
I use SMTP to send email notifications. And i use google apps for it. Unfortunately as i know, google only lets to send 99 email everyday. So i want to change it to Mandrill. I try once, but it doesn't work.

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Yes you can use Mandrill. When you sign up with Mandrill you will need to add some DNS records to your domain which you do through your domain registrar. Then in Mandrill it will give you the SMTP details. You also need to add an "API key" in Mandrill which becomes your password for the SMTP.

This should help: http://help.mandrill.com/entries/21650603-How-do-I-get-started-with-Mandrill-?_ga=1.251445889.642335558.1410521105

By the way, you can also use Gmail if you set up Google Accounts for Business. It's about $5/month I think.
I use google apps for business. But based on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18361233/gmail-sending-limits i can only send 2000 email perday using SMTP.
That's interesting, I had no idea there was a limit. I'm using Google Apps for Business too, I'll have to double check how many emails I'm sending.

Although Mandrill's free limit is 10,000 per month which is less than 2,000/day.