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How i can find who moderator or admin to add user to a ban?

and will there be a new version q2a of the new ban user system.


  • Admin see who moderator or admin add user to a ban user.
  • Ban 1 day. -After 1 day user automatic unban user.
  • Ban 1 week -After 1 week user automatic unban user.
  • Ban 1 month -After 1 month user automatic unban user.
Q2A version: 1.7-beta-1

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You could write a plugin , which store the userid in a separate table . And another corn chcek which check at separate intervals for the users which can be unbanned at that particular time . When some user falls into a proper criteria , unban him at that time .

It is easier to be said , might take more time for implementing . :)