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Is there a plugin which can do the following?

  • Add a 'Noindex?' checkbox option on ask / edit / view question pages (visible only to Super Admin)
  • If noindex is selected, meta robots noindex tag should be added in the head section of the html for that question and that question should be excluded from sitemap.
  • Show question titles of noindexed questions on question listing pages in a different colour.

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There are no such plugin for this . But you could implement like below .

Here are the steps .

1. Add a costum field to the Ask / Edit form for marking that field to be makred for noindex

2. Save this id in the database

3. When the question is in view mode , check if the question is in niindex list or not

4. if the question is in no index list then add the noindex header to that .
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Ultimate SEO plugin can no-index questions with short content. I think I will add this option to it in future versions.