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The browser bar spins for a second then it stops, no errors, just does nothing.


Any suggestions?
Q2A version: latet
Could you share your website's url ?

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From previous threads this appears to be an issue with mod_security. This will be fixed in v1.7 but if you want you can fix it yourself quite easily.

Open qa-include/qa-install.php and look around line 216 for these two lines:

$buttons = array('create' => 'Create Database');
$buttons = array('create' => 'Create Database including User Management');

Replace them with this:

$buttons = array('create' => 'Create the Database');
$buttons = array('create' => 'Create the Database including User Management');

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Make sure the username you are using have all the permission for the database you have configured . Check your error log . If you are getting errors let us know .