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Hi to all here,


I want to change the "Sender address for messages from site" to no-reply@mydomain.com.

my question is: Do I need to create in my hosing panel the specific address no-reply@mydomain.com or it should work automaticlly?


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Unless you want to see the emails sent to no-reply then there is no need to create an email account for that.

Hi pup and tx very much for your answer.

So I just need to put the no-reply@mydomain.com and it will work by itself?
Right. Worst case scenario someone will try to reply that email and will get an error (mail delivery failure) because the email account does not exist. Anyway, it would be ridiculous for someone to complain about not being able to reply to a no-reply address :)

Tx again
How can i add more then one email address there?
@Menashe Avramov If you have a question related to an answer remember there is a feature called "Ask a related question". Go for it :)