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Is there a view where I can see what I got my point for?

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No there isn't... and that drives me crazy too. The closest free alternative, which doesn't actually show every point earned or lost but does show many of them, is the History plugin: https://github.com/NoahY/q2a-history 

By the way, I happen to have been working for the last 3 months on a premium (non-free) plugin to show a graph of the points earned. I'm planning to release it tomorrow (awkward coincidence!).

Edit after "tomorrow": This is the link to the plugin http://www.question2answer.org/qa/36952/new-premium-plugin-pc-profile-customizer-v2-0-0

Looks good.

1. I assume you store the vote dates in an extra table. Hope Scott will add the date / timestamp colum soon to qa_votes.

2. Why is there a link to each stats "Is this question correctly asked?"

1. Yes, I use an extra table. However, it is not just votes as there are many events that result in point changes (given certain conditions). Also note that adding the timestamp won't help. Not only because votes are not the only thing that result in point changes but also because you won't have the history about the votes. If a user upvotes in day X and then downvotes the same post in day X + 10 then you would only see the downvote and point calculations won't match.

2. It is the post (question/answer) to which the point change is associated. Similar to what stackoverflow does: http://postimg.org/image/vpeatakn9
1. Nice. So you created the table "qa_votes_eventlog" =)

2. Ah, now I see. From the screenshot in your answer I thought you could revert a vote or so...

Looking forward to your release.

***PS: If a q2a forum installs your plugin, can it calculate backwards all points etc.? I run into a similar problem with the "best users" plugin, the *total points* are stored with the first install, later on the real events. It cannot go back in history.
No, it is not possible to calculate all points back because the core does not keep history of every action. This means, that information has already been lost. The only workaround for this is that the admin had enabled the event logger logging to the DB before the first post is created (which is absolutely a very remote, uncommon and not advisable scenario) and then the plugin could go through all the history and generate all the data. A lot of work for such a remote scenario... so I haven't implemented that "import".
The eventlogger is obviously quite important as we see. Let's keep it in mind for the future development of q2a.
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