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This is a meta question.

The q2a core and most of the q2a plugins are open source. So earnings do not come diretly from there. Logically, there should be other sources of income.

Plus I assume, all developers working on q2a do it as a hobby, mostly.

With q2apro.com I have tried to bring some commercialization into live, to be able to spend more time on q2a and still have a living. However, total sales per month are max. around 100 USD. I don't know about other q2a developers, but I guess it should be similar low. (Correct me if I am wrong.)

So, open question out of interest, from what are you living?

- Is it a heritage of your rich father?

- Do you have a regular job besides?

- Are you a freelancer who lives from well-paying clients?

- Do you run another company?

- ...

In my case, I am having a big German mathematics project for schools which is quite popular: http://www.echteinfach.tv/ and helps me to pay my bills.

What about you?


PS: It would be great to hear that somebody is able to live from q2a. Because this would mean he could spend more time on the project and push it forward for the community...

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  • Have regular job
  • QA site sets CPA banners regarding tags in question, good idea for plagin $)
  • Have group in social network vk.com that generates 50% of traffic (mostly because project is new)
    When group will have enough people will sell ads there too

This is side project for my wife, currently earning 100-200$ expecting to get up-to 1000$ but not more, due to small user base expected max is 20-30K users with 2-3 unique visitors per day.

Project helps to see what people are looking for.

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IMO , it is very difficult to make living from q2a community . There are few people around here who want to spend (can spend) on their forum . 
I work here only as my hobby , to contribute something to opensource community , when ever I find some free time .