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I have seen many sites use snow and snow extended themes and they work fine from mobile but when I apply the theme it becomes unresponsive and brings out error .So someone tell me how to make the theme responsive and working for mobiles specially in UC browser because I receive many users which access from uc browsers .( opera mini still works in the themes)

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As fas as I know, Snow and Snow Extended are not responsive so how you saw any website using these themes and those are responsive as well. Even if they are responsive then that would be because the admins of those websites have customised those theme according to their own wishes.
If you need a responsive theme then go for the new SnowFlat, Donut theme or FlatBox, Clearstrap. These are currently the new and responsive themes being built or you can say the bugs removal is going on (which will only be solved when you use theme and report the bugs).

With the release of Q2A V1.7, SnowFlat will be widely used so I would suggest you to use that instead of the current Snow theme.

I hope this helps.
If snow theme isn't responsive from mobiles then tell me how this site is resposive ? This site is accessed well from mobiles and this site is also using snow theme?? How?
I think you don't know what a responsive theme is. Let me explain...

A responsive theme is that which can adjust itself to fit every device, means adjusting the widgets, the main content area, menu and almost everything so that it can easliy be accessed and used on all device.
On the other hand, Snow theme is not responsive, it looks the same on all devices because it is not made responsive. The way you see this site on a desktop, is the same way you'll see this site on mobile and you have to zoom in normally to read stuff. But if this theme would be responsive then you won't need to zoom or do anything on a mobile to read content on this site.

I think now you know what a responsive theme is.
I have also visited your site and it works good, I think you have used another theme for mobile. But if I normally resize the browser then your snow theme works fine, I am not seeing any errory. If there is an error you better report that, instead of the rest of the stuff.
Bro what I am saying is that when I apply the snow or snow extended in mobiles it brings up errors like questions doesn't open but even this forum is in snow it seems to be working well in mobiles .hows that happening ? That is exactly what I want to know.How to also make the snows of my forum without errors like this forum, from mobile ??

P.s. - By mobile I mostly mean UC browser !
Yo... Now you actually came to the real problem. The problem is not responsiveness, instead the problem is the error which is coming in mobile devices. I would suggest, edit your question and focus the question on the error which you get in mobiles, that way people can help you. Without knowing the exact error none can help you here.
One more thing, a pic of that error can also come in handy while suggesting you any solution.