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how can i add the feature: uploading files ? thank you !
maybe the same functionality as "upload avatar" could be used?

...but in general this is deep in the system - so mabe only "gidgreen" could implement this...

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You could do this via a page plug-in which uses the Q2A blobs table to store the data - see qa-db-blobs.php for the functions you can use.

I'm working on it,thanks a lot!

I have anthor question about full-text search which you have answered in the question "How can I add full-text search using 'like' in SQL",but i'm not sure i have understand.
I try the method,but it does not work,i just wanna ask what the sentence below mean and how to make it come true(i download the code and didn't change anything,what exactly the elements mean)

based on the elements in each parameter $titlewords, $contentwords and $tagwords

thanks a lot!
ok, I apologise for my obvious ignorance of php in advance (which I hope won't preclude me from being able to upload video content)... what do you mean by 'see qa-db-blobs.php for the functions you can use'?
please please please, could you give slightly more detailed instruction or perhaps a link where I can learn how to do this?
thanks ;)
The file qa-db-blobs.php in Q2A contains some functions you can use to store and retrieve large pieces of content in the Q2A database. Each function has a brief description in the file. I'm afraid I can't going into much more detail than this, since you will need to have some PHP programming experience in order to start modifying the Q2A code.