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I have installed the open login plugin for my q2a site. And created an application on facebook developer page. And it working on localhost with developer mode. So I migrated my pack to host server and edited the site url and mobile site url. In this time an error message showing thatis " App Not Setup: The developers of this app have not set up this app properly for Facebook Login. ". But I changed the status to Yes now an green dot is showing behind the application name and it is live for all users. But still showing the error while clicking the button login with facebook.

Please help me to fix the issue as soon as possible


Q2A version: version 1.6.3

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Select the "Settings" panel and specify a valid "Contact email"

---> Save changes

After that select the "Status & Review" panel and move the slide near your app title on YES.

(see also here )

---> confirm

(I suppose you have already created an App adding a platform of type "website" and you have correctly specified the "app domain" and the "site url" - see your q2a "Site URL").

Verify also that you're using the correct "App Id" and "App Secret", and not those of another app :-)

It should work

site URL has important role

the www prefix part was the actual issue for me