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Can we have a feature which allows all users the option to suggest an eidt  for quesitons or answer or comments. The edit will be stored and will only be approved by the original author of the content or moderators and above special users.

This feature is must to maintain the quality of content not just by the admins and moderators but also by all the members of the community. The edit will also have a place where the reason for the edit will be written.

Well half of the work for storing the edited content is already done by q2a-edit-history plugin, but rest of the ability has to be added. But in this feature, the edit history will be saved till the edit is either approved or rejected, after that the new content is shown straightaway.

Either this can be done by plugin or can be implemented in core.

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Good idea and it might be something I add to the Edit History plugin at some point! :)
That would be nice
I would wait for that time.