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In my q2a site I need to include top question, interesting , featured, hot, week, month menus on the top of question-list div like as stackoverflow site [http://stackoverflow.com/]. But how can add those menu with its functionality. Actually I diid not seen any q2a site with this feature. Is it possible to include those menus with their functionality. if yes how can it possible. Please help as soon as possible

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Q2A version: Version 1.6.3

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You can add links to the top menu under Admin > Pages. If you have a page plugin, it should be by "Pages available via plugins". Or you can link to other built-in Q2A pages using the "Add Link" button and putting for example "http://example.com/questions?sort=votes" for top questions.
thanks @Scott,
okay we can give the link for top question to "/questions?sort=votes". But how can we add the links for "week and month". Is there any plugin available or any tutorials to do customize the feature in easiest way

OK sorry I misunderstood your exact question. There is nothing built-in for interesting, week or month views. Although "hot" is similar to them. I don't recall a plugin being made but try searching on here in case there is.