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i am wondering if there is a plugin like the one i can see here in this forum which display : Questions:13.890, Answers: 23400, Users:8,874 etc.

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Have a look at this one :


(It's for a q2a administrator)
I want it for the homepage and not for the administrator.
Ok, Just to know, why the current widget is not "enough" ? Which new features are you looking for ?
maxjtechno the plugin you mentioned is awesome but what i want is only to show on the front page three things: Number of questions of my website, number of comments of my website, and number of registered users. Nothing else :)
You could just modify the code of the widget ( see for instance amiyasahu.com's tip )
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So if you want to remove the comment counts from the side bar widget you need to do a small code change or else write a new plugin with necessary code changes . Changes are pretty simple . 

  1. open the \question2answer\qa-include\qa-widget-activity-count.php file 
  2. inside function output_widget there will be the lines 
    if (qa_opt('comment_on_qs') || qa_opt('comment_on_as'))
          $this->output_count($themeobject, qa_opt('cache_ccount'), 'main/1_comment', 'main/x_comments');
  3. Just comment those lines out .
  4. Thats it . you wont get the comment count on the front page . 
Hope this helps .