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I am talking aboiut this:


If you bought it

1- did you have any issues with it?

2- How was the support?
I don't know many person using this theme, but @amiyasahu.com is using it. I think he can tell you about this theme.
Thank you buddy

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Hi @Waterfr Villa ,

I am using this theme on my website http://www.queryhandlers.com/ . No bugs till now I have found . Everything is fine here .

I was also developer for this Theme (Along with Rahul) . Support will be provided if you found any kind of issues with the theme . RTL is also supported by the theme . And lots of other improvements .

If you find any issues feel to contact me developer.amiya@outlook.com , I will reply you as soon as possible .

Being frank , if you got any major issues (till now we did not find any , i am talking about WORST case scenario ) , we may need bit of time to fix it and you will be given the bug free version .

This is the best theme for q2a till now . I would suggest to go for it .

(Updated to correct typo :) )
Snow is the best Q2A theme till date! I havent seen a theme till date that could beat that!
Is Qawork theme opensource now? Could you share it if you have?
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I am using it on my website -


and I am very happy with it. Support is very good. Like @amiya said, write a mail to them or ask your doubt in Rahul's support forum. You will get reply.

Being a non-programmer, I messed up a lot of times, Rahul personally spent hours for the correction of my mistakes (for both Qawork and Cleanstrap themes).

According to me Qawork is the best theme for Q2A.


Dr. Atul Tiwari
People (including me) are concerned about two main things
1- Support which you say would not be an issue
2- performance which means your theme apparently loads slow compare to snow theme etc.
If I were you I would conduct a performance test between snow and due or clear or qawork etc and share the link to the results with the users here.
Please consider the fact that $59-79 is a big deal for developers to pay and quit frankly telling us you guys sod 300 copies back then till dec 2013 is hard to belive
Anyways a load speed comparison with the Snow is what we want to see
Support will be good , there is no doubt in this . And next thing is performance . Comparing SNOW theme and Qawork theme will not be fair . The qawork is a very flexible and feature rich framework for q2a . Have lots of css , js and images to be loaded . If you need more features ofcource you need more resources and bandwidth . And if you dont need the all the features then you can turnoff the features those you dont need from the admin panel .
Also this has gzip feature that compresses all js and css files which makes your website really fast .

FYI - I was a co-developer for only qawork along with Rahul . I dont have any info about DUDE sale or anything else about his any other themes or plugins . Neither I am interested . I am independent . So it is better to get in touch with Rahul if you need any info on the other products from rahularyan.com . If you have any queries regarding qawork I am happy to help you .

@Ami, I'd like to buy QAwork. Is it still supported by a developer??
Hi @Prep4 , I am not in the team anymore at this point of time . Please contact with Rahul .
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Not so good experience with QAWORKS.

I bought the DUDE theme which had many issues so QAWORK was provided as replacement.  But it was not ready for prime time (at least 6 weeks ago).

Lots of bugs, unfinished features, little or no documentation, no ie9 support forget ie8 and worst thing is that developer changed theme layout every time he makes an update. I asked to fix the ie9 support after waiting for 4 weeks they provided the fix but as I predicted it did not pass ie9. When asking for a quick fix they ask me to have some patience. Realy 6 weeks of wating for a simple fix was not enough for patience??

Finally I had to abandon this theme and went back to the SNOW theme and modified it myself. It is super-fast compare to the QAWORKS and does what i need.

Overall I like the theme concept and that’s why bought it but it requires quality and professional development work and less customer patience!!!

Thank you for your input. I wonder how they claim they sold 300 copies of dude theme!!!
Its funny that they told me the same number (300) 2 months ago.

Even if they fix all the bugs which I think highly unlikely, their Themes are very slow to load compare to the base SNOW theme.

For me page load speed is first priority, not the flashy social media plugins which they provide with this theme.

Note: This is just a reply to @rash19 comment and nothing personal.

Any theme or plugin if customize out of the core structure, that will makes lot of issues. Which may or may not result slower response.

I haven't tested any of these but just guessing by checking one of site shared above here.  I found many things been alter/modify heavily. I believe this may causing bugs as you people says.

In addition what I would say is that Q2A is not ready yet like WordPress where you can write theme the way you want. Developer should understand and concern about any modification impact on the core system.

Also for such theme design require heavy updates on the basis of Core Updates. This may create another issue. This is the reason my all products are not way different than core structure.

This I learn on very early stage when created Max Control Theme. Which is not so much modified or altered but just some styling options. Even this still need too much effort to keep out of bug. After all, I do not like to sell my product with bug and always welcome bug report to fix.

This is also the reason why I haven't modify/alter Snow 1.7 heavily. It is good to get quality and bug free product so your users can enjoy surfing instead of loosing your users.
I totally agree to your assessment.  However As I mentioned in my answer that Dude or QAWORKS theme developers lack quality and professionalism. They should not be selling a unfinished, and untested product. I consider it as a fraud. My money and time is simply wasted.
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Hello everybody! 
I read the discussion above and also like to give my contribution. 
Http://askive.cmsbox.jp/demo/flexarmor1/login bought the theme and I have no complaints. Lean theme is not slow and the support is very good. Hope this helps.
how much was it?
The price ranges from $ 40 to $ 56.
Rules: http://askive.cmsbox.jp/demo/flexarmor1/special-sale
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The user @sama55 is the developer of this theme. You can clear your doubts with him. It is a very professional.