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Hi I have reffered all the content about adding a new custom page but not find the solution yet, I need to add one cutom page where I can add content. Pls guide.

I want to do at http://igiri.org/forum

Q2A version: 1.6.3

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Admin>Pages>Add Page
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there is some tricks if you are too busy to make a specific page : create a special user that cannot be voted

- add in configuration qa-config a define

        define('QA_AUTHOR_PAGES', 2);  // or any special other user id

and then in your prefered theme , comment some lines. Ie , in qa-theme/snowflat/qa-theme.php

    public function q_view_stats($q_view)
        $tot = @$q_view['raw'] ; $toto = @$tot['userid'] ;
        if( $toto != QA_AUTHOR_PAGES )

            $this->output('<div class="qa-q-view-stats">');



After this modification ( and others to do better ) , the specified user might publish pages built with the questions tools. If the page doesn't give a link for answer, it will seem to a blog article with public comments.

It was just a perfectible trick.