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Hi Scott,
More than anything you accepted a responsibility and we are very thankful to you for that. However this is not the wayit should be. Please let us know if you quit. Otherwise we belive you already did it and broke your promise.
Q2A version: 1.7 ????

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I dont think you will hear from him buddy ! Move on without him :))
Could you move your trolling back to yahoo answers?
Hey what do you mean man? I was right wasnt i?
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Hey, I'm right here :)

Just did some work on Q2A this week. (Not in repo yet as it's not quite finished.)

I spoke to Gideon last week about Q2A and we agreed that I should aim to so something every week, instead of a ton of devleopment all at once like I did January to May.
Hey Scott, can we have an estimated date by which next version of q2a can be ready... I am not saying to make development fast for that date but at least a date can satisfy a lot of people... You can take as much time as you can but also need to know about how much time we have to wait...

If you can't give a date then at least try to announce regular development you are doing so that here everyone can know that development is going on and even the direction in which you are taking q2a.
Thank you fur the responce but it doesnt count! We need action :)
@Gurjyot Hopefully I can finish the features required in a couple weeks. Sorry I can't be more specific right now.
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Let me put everyones mind at ease. Eversince gidden delivered the project to scott this is what happened. Empty promisses !
All scott did was to make small upgrades then post a thread : what do you want for 1.7 ? And kept us just waiting ...
Scott visits this forum onces a month says hi, gives empty promisses and hides
Interestingly some people ( including you jey) belive him! Yes he is the best but he no longer spends time on this project

Scott ! If you dont have time why did you take responsibility at first place ?
To others with respect :
( please do not tell me to be nice whatever, leave emotions aside and be profetionalli m right am i not ? . he accpted and promissed )
You know that this is an open source script, right?
I dont know what to say!
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I have seen the word "promise" mentioned so often over the last months... but who promised something? Did Scott or Gideon give a promise to anybody? I am a quite active user and read most of the posts, but I have never seen that.

I understand all users that are passionate about the q2a software. And I'm sure it will be continued, even if everybody has to wait a while.

Please always keep in mind, that q2a is now a side project of Gideon, and I am certain that Scott also works on other projects he gets paid for. In other words, both use their free time to help proceeding the software.

I am sure, if somebody paid Scott a monthly salary he could work the entire month on this project. I could do the same, pay me 2500 € per month and I will spend all my time for q2a and push it to the limit. But nobody pays. It is the opposite, I get/got down-votes on premium plugins that are not free...

So try to keep calm and wait - or program things yourself. It is open source, you see how the system works.
Thanks for the kind words, Kai.

For everyone's information, I have just finished the latest stage of another large project I took on and have other ongoing client work that I do (and get paid for). I have also been moving house (finally) this week, and a month ago was helping my sister move flats.

Long story short: I've been very busy, much busier than I have been in the previous 12 months before taking on Q2A development.

Anyway, things have calmed down a bit now so I will certainly have more time in the next few weeks for a 1.7 beta. As in my answer above, I will continue to do *something* on Q2A every week as much as possible.
@ Scott, Yes we can understand you. We are waiting. We know you will give us vesion 1.7 soon. Wish you all the success in your private life and q2a.
@Scott , Thanks for the info . You have all the rights to take as much time you need for the q2a-1.7 . Thanks
I am glad scott that things calmed down for you and you did this much of developments recently. Thank you for beliving in what you say
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How can you get angry about something you got for free which could potentially make you money, it's like a beggar who has been given $5, says to the giver "don't you have $10?". Be grateful for what you have been given, it would have taken alot of hours to create this script. I'm sure Scott has bills to pay like us all, I don't know about you guys but, most of my time is taken up trying to pay for them so, any time Scott puts in the update the script is greatly appreciated by me.
I don't think anyone is 'ungrateful' for what they've been given? Is it not fair to say that what we have been given in terms of the 'core' was and remains given by Gideon? Yes Scott and many others contributed with plug-in developments, some freely and for free and others, for financial opportunity. (I'm not knocking that, by the way) When Scott requested input re; possible features to include in 1.7 back in early February. He also listed what he had already completed to that date. See


On the 25th of March. Scott posted a new thread 'Q2A roadmap - 1.7 and beyond' See.


Noone pressured Scott to post either of the above and is it not fair to surmise, that both posts gave a reasonable sense of optimism, that a 1.7 release, was quite imminent?

Of course we live in a real world. And I'm sure we all accept that what we have has been given freely in terms of the core and the same for a lot of plugins. But to date we have Gideon's v1.6.3 until we have another!

House moves, sudden outbreak of war, the cat dying. These things are all unpredictable pitfalls of life... And people do have to make a living etc. It is obvious that an honourable commitment made can be subject to changes of circumstances. But surely, there comes a point when one stops saying "in a week or two" or "Soon" and rather than find oneself in an embarrassing and yes 'unenviable' position. Is it not easier and better to say there will be one annual release and fix a positive date for it, even if it has to be a year from now. Rather than to throw a hook into a river, with no bait on the line?

1.6.3 Is a great piece of Q&A software... The only reason I'm not currently using it, is because I was waiting for 'improvements to the 'Wall-posting' and Messaging system. If I'd personally realised things would slow down this much for so long. I would have tried to find ways to disable the wall post and rather temperamental Facebook modules before they cost me the loss of valuable site members through user frustration.

I know my words might sound like criticism rather than be read in the spirit of critique that it is actually meant. But I cannot help what some may think. Any more than I can defend what I am sure is admiral loyalty by those with vested interests to maintain the status quo?

Finally, I'm just an ordinary 'user' I am sure 'Mr Sans Comic' and his companion 'anonymous' will deal with this reply and me fairly and squarely. But what is. Is... I did not create the monster!
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What I think is that no one is getting angry or frustrating, but just curiously waiting (Shouting.. :P) for new updates or at least want to hear something about the updates :)

Folks, please try to understand…

None of the contributor has given full time for Q2A project. Either for Core or Design. Everyone is putting their effort after their primary job hours.

Folks, you should understand that it is very hard to be on time always. Especially, when you finish your primary 8 hour job, back to home and instead of relaxing start to work on Q2A project to keep it up to date.

I would suggest to everyone that DO NOT CONSIDER OR COMPARE QUESTION2ANSWER with any already established system such as WORDPRESS. Q2A is still at a younger age than those.

Unlike WordPress where there are more than 20-50 contributors, Q2A has limited around 4-7 contributors. Which also makes the process slower.

These are not any excuses but the reality. However, I believe after this updates, things will go smoother.
Q2A is about the software and the community it serves, and in my opinion it is in both areas that weakness exists.

I am not here to criticise those members who actively contribute to the software.  There are too few of them to meet the never ending requests for changes to a complex piece of software from the many members who all to often are looking for something for nothing.

If you really want a 'professional' product with slick software support, put your hand in your pockets and pay for a commercial product.

Some time ago I explored the possibility of using this software for a number of projects but reluctantly came to the conclusion that the risks were too great to rely only on the huge efforts made by only a few contributors.

Again .... I am not being critical of the contributors - but I am being critical of the 'community'.

The continual complaints about slow progress is in my opinion not going to improve the present situation.  These developers need encouragement NOT criticism.

My own opinion for the way forward that would sustain and grow the software and community is more radical.   I would stop further development of the software as a self contained program and start development of a Q2A as a full blown Wordpress Plugin.

This would tap into the Wordpress core which is under continual development from a huge number of developers, give access to an extensive range of themes, and provide the various extensions that many people are requesting from Wordpress plugins that already exist.

A move in this direction would allow the small number of developers to focus on maintaining the Q2A specific functions - a much more manageable task - and give a greater exposure for Q2A to a larger community.
Partially agree with your thoughts.

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