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I loaded all my files into a local server (running lamp) , I did an full dump of my database (it's small site so I did not worry about the dynamic tables) and imported it into the local server.

I went ahead and tried to open  Q2A, but I only got to the front page (where I can see all the recen post). Clicking anywhere will get a Not Found error

I've check I have mod_rewrite enabled, what else could be happening here? any ideas?. Thanks in advance
I wonder if there is some cached records I must delete from the database (or the files, such as in wordpress)
Q2A version: 1.6.3
It kind of work if I use localhost/index.php?qa=XYX (where XYZ is the question #), yet even so I can only see the title, the question/answers text says [no viewer found for format: markdown]

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I found the problem, I had  AllowOverride None instead of AllowOverride All as suggested here Why is my .htaccess file not OK?

I got to this page after login in browsing to:

localhost/index.php?qa=login (entered the admin password)