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I want to make the links "Login", "Register" and "Send Feedback'' as "nofollow" links. How can this be done? Thanks.

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Use an advanced HTML theme and override the nav_link(...) function - check based on $navtype which navigation menu it's within.

BTW, I don't think there's much value in doing this, since Google doesn't reassign the 'juice' from nofollow links to other links on the page - see this article.

Thanks GidGreen. Using nofollow would tell the bot not to get there (there are many variations to ?forgot etc. from different pages. In addition to blocking using robots.txt, a nofollow would make it cleaner. I agree about having no link juice advantage, though. Thanks again.
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I would suggest adding those pages to robots.txt instead to stop them showing in search results (also helps avoid the dupe content on login?to=some-page).

I have this in my robots.txt:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /pokebase/login
Disallow: /pokebase/forgot

Thanks buddy. Robots.txt has the stuff.