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Some of the users on the Q&A I built end up responding to posts on their wall by posting on that very same wall. That way,  the user replied to does not get a notification. 

Someone mentioned that it is somewhat confusing.

I've thought of some ways to deal with this problem :

  • not dealing with it
  • add a reply link to wall posts like with comments
  • when the user gets notified of a wall post by e-mail, add a link to the poster's wall instead of the user's wall (not that great an idea I guess)

Are there any other ideas?

> "responding to posts on their wall by posting on that very same wall."
That seems to be kind of natural because the conversation sticks on one place.

> "That way,  the user replied to does not get a notification."
That is indeed a problem that should be fixed.

We definitely need a reply link (i actually thought there is one, but I was wrong). Idea: Fetch the reply event, transfer the userid, send an email on message submitted.
Thank for interest dude.
Don't worry for this feature, comments on wall posts is already mentioned in the Q2A development road map. I can't say when but soon we will have this feature in q2a.
Let's hope the feature will be implemented soon.

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I think the easiest way for now is to:

1. implement a reply button next to each wall post

2. the "reply" button is a link the leads to the other user's wall

3. there the replier can leave his message

Should work =)