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With q2a v1.6.3 there is no way to insert meta description for admin-created pages (see admin/pages), which would be quite helpful to describe the content for search engines and vistiors.

Please add this feature for v1.7 - should be quick :)

Q2A version: 1.6.3
Any updates on this feature? I'd like to add some openGraph tags to custom pages :/
You could write a plugin with a page module
oh that would be a good way to test the plugin tutorial :D
Ok, I ended up using a plugin to create a custom page (and add meta-tags), so it's possible, For me it was worth it since I could use calls to the DB, yet I have to say it's quite a bit of work. If I only needed to add the meta tags (such as Facebook open graph), I'll rather have the option when creating a custom page.

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In WordPress Website, you can insert unique meta description for all the custom pages by using Yoast Plugin which also show the points for improving the SEO of your website.