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@Scott: Great work that you implemented CKEditor 4.3 into 1.7 dev, superb!

One issue for users and developers to solve:

1. I tried the editor and wanted to change the tons of buttons to only 5 chosen buttons

2. I was searching around, tried to edit the config.js etc.

3. After a while I found out that I need to edit the file qa-wysiwyg-editor.php

When updating q2a - the changes will be lost. Plus as you see, I had problems finding the correct place of the config.

My advice: Add a qa_opt() field and save all the ckeditor toolbar config there. Then the users can easily edit the toolbar from admin/plugins.

Q2A version: 1.7-dev 2014-05-07
PS: Please make the ckeditor mono theme default here in our q2a forum as well, thanks ;-)

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