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It would be a great feature if the users who are logged in through facebook get their activity posted to their facebook wall.

I dont know if this is still possible with facebook, but it would be great to see "frank" asked "question sentence" on Question2Answer.org, click to answer it.

Or bob commented on ....
James answered....

This would help site's get more exposure, specially cool for those folks that are using this script for more than a support forum of an existing site, but an actual niche question & answer forum.
You can add at least a Facebook share button or a Like button on Your site. Otherwise I think You would have to write an app for facebook. I worked on that but as far as I see there is a problem with the facebook terms, as You would need several additional functions like delete User and his entries and control if a user still permits access to his fb data ....
Isnt the facebook login a facebook app?  I thought it would just add more features to it?  I am not sure how facebook works..
It is not the same, but for our sites, as long as we dont want them "inside" facebook, the login and a share / like button are all we need. Through these buttons facebook users can publish the actual question to their wall.

A "full featured" facebook APP in comparison to the login would have its own page inside facebook with functions the user can call from inside facebook.

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As explained above, what you are specifically talking about would be an "app", something you would have to make yourself. The Share button would be the easiest method without much coding knowledge. After inserting into your webpage it simply opens a small window allowing the Facebook user to post it to their profile and comment/add status to it.