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this plugin will send new posts with banned words to moderation queue. Q2A's default method only masks them with * character, so this plugin should provide a better moderation method.

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Github Project page: installation guide, notes, ...

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Created by Towhid from QA-Themes.com . checkout my Q2A Themes and plugins.

Best Regards, Towhid


Q2A version: checked with Q2A 1.6
Good job @Towhid . Thanks for sharing the plugin .

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repository of swearwords and offensive words for 20 languages, including english:

another site with another list:

you can just copy, paste raw file data into "List of banned words" field, it doesn't matter if they are seperated by comma, or enter(new line).

for example content of any of these two files from above resources would do:



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Awesome plugin but if you provide complet Censored words list with it then it worth priceless