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From what I have read,  I need to add back the qa-install.php file (which i removed for security reasons,  I am told?) in order to get the "widget-anywhere" plugin to work.


I have uploaded the qa-install.php into my Q2A folder on my server,  but the plugin still will not work.


Any one know if i am missing something here?


Is there something else I need to do when uploading this file to make sure that I can install this plugin?


I regret deleting the qa-install.php file in the first place.
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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Make sure to put it in the right place, it should be in the qa-include/ folder.

If that still doesn't work, it could be a permissions issue. I think it would be permissions of 644 for regular files, but check the permissions of the other files (e.g. qa-index.php) and make qa-install.php the same permissions.