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EDIT: It works again, I deleted the user from the database and logged in through facebook again, now it works, but the reason is unclear. However, if something happens again, ill post it here.


I installed b2 now on a production site, but for some reason the FB avatar does not show up, any idea ? Here is the link: http://www.preguntaaz.com/


EDIT: I installed a second site on the same server and that one works. SO I believe it is not very probable that it is a server problem..


EDIT 2: I deleted the whole site from the server, reinstalled the newest q2a download, but it is still the same. I believe something was stored bad in the database, but I didnt make a copy, as it worked on the other sites without any problem.

EDIT3: I deleted all facebook apps and set a new one. Using the new ID and Secret still nothing.

EDIT4: The only thing I made before entering the facebook data was to set default avatar to yes and changed the sizes of the avatars. When I first logged in through facebook on the fb acess allow window, first time only the first option showed up, later all three.


The avatar does not show up no where. So there is only left the database, what can I do ?


Any idea ?

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Your Q2A installation retrieves the avatar image from a URL that Facebook's API provides. It's possible that this retrieval will fail once in a while, if Facebook doesn't respond to the request.
Just to understand, if this retrieval once failes, the avatar or other information wouldnt show up never ? Or would it recover later automatically ? If not, how could I force the script to call the basic info including avatar again ? I found that during specific hours facebook fails a LOT and this error could occur on a more activ site more often !

At least I learned some sql now..