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I installed q2a-open-login plugin as described but it did not work. Same time facebook only plugin worked just fine.
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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After hrs of debugging I found the following  PHP warning in server logs:

PHP Warning:  file_put_contents(/XXXXXX/qa-plugin/q2a-open-login/providers.php)::  in /XXXXXX/qa-plugin/q2a-open-login/qa-open-page-logins.php on line 426, referer: XXXXXX

This error coming from following lines of code:

//at the end save a list of all active providers
file_put_contents( $this->directory . 'providers.php', 
'<' . '?' . 'php return "' . implode(',', $activeProviders) . '" ?' . '>'
There was no write permissin to the q2a-open-login plugin directory, so PHP code could not save the providers.php file. Once given the write permission everything worked fine. After saving the providers.php  I restated the default directory permissions.