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I want to add a Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer page but I don't understand how to implement the example page plugin, I presume that's what it is intended for?
Q2A version: Latest 1.6.3

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I'm no expert Mark but I think you need to write a new plugin (page module) for your additional pages:


The example page plugin is an example of how to write a page plugin - rather than a plugin to help you add pages (if that makes sense).

ps. I'm liking the font on your site. what is it?

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for registration page use this plugin:


for adding a page visit "Admin > pages" and click on "Add Page" button. enter page name and content and if you like to show it in menus choose location.
I do apologise, I just didn't see that button!! Thank you.
Hi, I have the same question. I did 'Add Page', and point out the example URL to the page: qa-plugin/example-page/qa-example-page.php
But for some reason, it shows a empty page. Any suggestions? How can I make the example page to work?
Forget the qa-plugin/example-page plugin, just go to Admin >Pages>Add Page. You will also be able to input your text here and choose where you want a link. I put mine in the footer. See my site if you wish http://www.welljustask.com
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Hi. I still don't understand how can i add a php page? If i add a page with Admin>Pages>Add Page i can write html in it, but not php. Example page plugin is not helpful either as empty page is all i get.
if you like to add a php page to Q2A try this tutorial: http://qa-themes.com/forums/topic/tutorial-overriding-q2a-pages