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I just started using Q2A and I want to change a bit the question format. I want to let the user choose an image outside the editor, so when I read the question I have something like this:

Image The question

I want to separete the image from the question, is this possible to do?

Q2A version: 1.6.3
closed with the note: Changed the qa-page-ask.php, created custom field and change the theme to my needs.

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1. Add a custom field to your ask page where the questioner can add the URL to the image

2. display the custom field as IMG tag using an advanced theme in your question list

Hope that helps.
Thanks for the reply, will try to do that!
Sorry to bother again, but I have been reading the qa-page-ask.php, and the way this work. To add a custom field it's easier to make a plugin, or should I add the code in the qa-page-ask.php?
This is built in: see admin/posting
→ Custom field for extra information on ask form.
plus → Show the extra information on question pages
(not tried that yet, but this is your starting point)
Thanks Alot! :D