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The Search Datalist by Q2A Market allows you to add datalist to search field. So here you can add your own pre defined search keywords. So your user can quickly search with lest typing.

Note: HTML5 feature.

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Nice Idea Jatin .
@amiyasahu.com Thanks for appreciation :)

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Good job, tnx.
Thanks... and enjoy... :)
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It seems to be a great plugin... But I am confused between two things. Is this plugin a "live search" plugin or we can just enter some predefined set or lines. And those lines will come forward to all who'll try to search something?
@Gurjyot Singh,

This plugin will only add datalist (it's a HTML5 feature) to the search field. It is not a live search.

The idea for this plugin is to provide or guide your user what to search or in better words, what type of content or keywords they can search.

Other thing is,
You know your site better and also expect users with the same field. Means you can set predefined keywords example: for cooking Q&A site
How to cook
sweet lassi
tandoori roti
Thanks for such a plugin and such a great answer jatin. I really appreciate your work.
Thanks for your appreciation.. :))
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Nice plugin.

I got it working with default search box.

But I also want to use it for another custom search box that I have on my site, what changes should I make to get this working ?
I haven't try this before but I believe it should be simple by just adding data list into your own search function.

If you look into the layer file you will see the code. If you want more detail help than please post your code so I can have look and try to make it.