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I browsed q2a and found some of the questions raised with the same query but couldn't find a proper solution.

I would like to change the installation of my q2a from my main domain name to my subdomain without changing the database.

I don't want to redirect the url.

Please help.
Read the answer of this question. May be helpful to your problem.

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For changing domain name from same webhost you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your dashboard and click on manage domain.
  2. Click on the Edit option present at side of Domain name and change server information
  3. Make sure the “name server information” is not grayed out because in this case you will not be able to change. For this first click on “unlock” radio button and save.
  4. Once the domain name is unlocked you can change it simply.

If you still face any problem then contact to your domain provider or web host.

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Changing the primary domain name on a hosting account lets you change the domain name associated with account's Web root directory.To Change Your Primary Hosted Domain you have to follow these steps

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Click Web Hosting or Managed WordPress.

Click one of the following, based on the type of hosting you have. You can tell this by the second word in your hosting's description beneath your hosting account's domain name.For any technical assistance you can take help with some reliable registrar. I got very good review for Bigrock.in.