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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\Server\htdocs\question2answer\qa-plugin\facebook-login\qa-facebook-login.php on line 186

I am having the same exact error... I am wondering if it is a problem with the download or perhaps using php on iis.  http://www.question2answer.org/qa/3156/blank-page-after-upgrading-to-1-3-beta-on-iis7
I tried removing the complete facebook-login folder from the plugins directory.  Then i get the "Welcome to Question2Answer. It's time to set up your database!" once i click on the "create database including user management button" the page refreshes to the same exact thing.  Was hoping to get it installed and then add the facebook plugin afterwawrds.  in other words... it did not work =(
Frank - for your installation issue please let me know if any error is shown in your browser, after you make them visible.

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I'm guessing this is because I (wrongly) used a couple of short PHP tags within the qa-facebook-login.php file. These work almost everywhere but can be disabled in a PHP configuration. So please go through qa-facebook-login.php, and find where there is a PHP open tag <? without the word php immediately after it. If it's <?= then replace it with:

<?php echo

If it's just <? then replace with:


Please let me know if this fixes that problem.
made changes to two lines and i no longer get the error.... however now it just shows the Welcome to Question2Answer. It's time to set up your database! message.  when i click the Create database button, the url changes to /qa=install but the same Welcome page is loaded?
Any errors displayed, if you allow them to be shown in the browser?
No, no errors .  IIS logs dont show anything either.  I am wondering if i need to make further changes to my php.ini file?  Maybe something to do with form posting?
You know what, i think its fixed.  I made the <php echo changes to the script on my server and it works fine over there... it must be my local php configuration or something with IIS Fast CGI caching older requests.  ... I think we are good ! :)  Thanks a million!
I am getting this error again now with ugrading to Q2A 1.3 Beta 2?  It again just hangs on the install db page.  Is there a way you can tell me what scripts were changed so i can check for php shortags?  I tried enabling them in my PHP.ini file but it did not do the trick.