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I need a way to assign a 'work area/folder' for potential users and ensure that only that given user can add questions to that area. So far, I have played with changing 'Add Category' to (Add User) and assigning a user as if they were a 'category name' From there, it's possible to designate (To a very limited degree) who can post into that space (read category) based on points or rank.

The above is very cumbersom for my needs and not least, because a large number of users (Categories) would become unweildly where someone wanted to find their name to add a post etc... An impossible list of what would normally be 'All Categories' would appear in a widget on the right (home screen and others if assigned?) and this is far less than ideal.

If I have made myself understood above. Then do I have any alternative options?


For one... I'd like to be able to produce an e-book (via NoahY's bookmaster plugin?) of a specific users postings and it's looking like I can only do that from Categories?

Any help or thoughts upon this would be most welcome! 




Q2A version: 1.6.3 (candidate)

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