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Hello ,

I am getting Craw Error not Found in Google Webmasters tools . Error which I am getting is given below;


Please Help..!!

Q2A version: 1.6

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Are they 2 different errors ?

- for the 1st one :

I see a page not found :


and from the google cache on December 24 I see that the page was linked by this one (that has also been deleted) :


(see the link in the bottom right of the article, near the "next page" arrow)

- for the 2nd one :

I see from the google cache of January 8 that you had a google login link on the top of your page that now you have removed :


So the errors are correct.

Have a look here and here on how to manage them.

However if the google BOT receives repeatedly a 404 from some Urls it should stop crawling them and the Not found errors  should automatically disappear from Gwt