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 When a user gets his question answered, he gets complete answer via email. Is there any way through which complete answer is not sent, instead a notification is sent "Your Question is answered". Otherwise, no one will return back to see answer and this is causing less visits.

I am using 1.6 version.

Q2A version: 1.6

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:D in all my q2a setups I changed exactly this, great you bring up this issue!

You need to change qa-lang-emails.php in /qa-lang/SUBFOLDER

Search for the _body, and add the url by ^url e.g.

        "a_commented_body" => "Your answer has a new comment from ^c_handle.\n\nPlease read the comment at:\n^url\n\nGreetings ^site_title",

This file is under qa-include folder. Two thumbs up for the answer !