Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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If you haven't seen this yet, wp-answers.com has created a wordpress q&a site.

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Nice info, half a year ago I would have tested this, but now, with the new q2a release I do not see any advantage to use wp.

And there is more, in q2a there are missing just very few basic features and I believe that with version 1.5 everything will be included (like flag, some kind of communication, better "my activities" management, subscribe feature and may be some additional kind of sorting questions within others).

From 1.6 on, I believe, q2a will become really innovative with several new highly sophisticated features and functions.

I stay with q2a and i hope to be able to offer one or more custom themes to our community soon, as I think that the stackoverflow style is not everybodies liking.

WP-answers comes late, too late in my opinion.

I prefer q2a over wp-answers, but like you said its still feature lacking. If I could install django, ruby on my servers I would be using qsqa
Exactly this is the reason for, I believe, many webmaster not to use qsqa. I think we are very well positioned with q2a, seems to be the easiest to use selfhosted solution. I as well checked (all) available paid scripts, but no one seems to be as promising as q2a. And if I see how gidgreen works, I am sure that the few missing features soon will be included.
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WP answers looks very nice but it's very pricey - $149 vs free is a no-brainer. It doesn't really look like it has more features, apart from the ad management thing.

If Q2A had a nicer default look, similar to their designs I think it would fare better. The current one is pretty drab.