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hello ,, 

iam searching before post this question 

i see that post : 


but i can't able to make that cause i want more details how i make that and which file can edit it 

i want to put this details after user login to qa-sidebar

1 - User Avatar 

2 - User name 

3 - point of user 

Wating Help


Best regards

Q2A version: 1.6

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You need to add that code in in your qa-theme.php file and call that function in sidebar method.

You can see that in action on our Royal Minimal Theme.http://royalminimal.q2amarket.com

By the way I will make it as a widget plugin in few days.. :)
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thanks friend for ur help

can u explain :) cause iam new in that Script

and ur theme that u send to me it's appear account details but not as i need it's appear in new block not in qa-sidebar

U can know what i mean from pic that i send to u in private msg

Best regards
That is all about the css how you align your elements. Nothing so much related with the PHP.
i try make it but not work can u make it to me add this codes in file and send me the file with editing
iam use : Default theme Snow for last version 1.6
and i need to know how  call that function in sidebar method
i know that am annoyed u sorry for that

Best regards
Okay give me few days I will make a plugin or write a code and send it to you.
thanks Jatin :)

for ur help take ur time

and i need u in real work :) if u know any Java programmer
Hi Jatin, Have you developed the login plugin you mentioned? Would it be possible to share your code?
Oh no! Not yet. Extremely sorry, I just missed to put it in my dev-list. Too much stuffs to do.. Okay you will get it by next weekend for sure.
Awesome.. I am eagerly waiting.