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Just installed the Open Login plugin, fantastic, I can now log in using Google. BUT doing so created a new account. I already have an account with an ordinary login and I want to log in to Google but have that login be tied to the already existing account. How do I do it?
Q2A version: 1.6.2

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The open-login plugin allows you to connect 2 different accounts, for example your local q2a account with your facebook account.

To be connected they must be associated to the same email address.

When you login for the 1st time with your second login (e.g. Facebook), the plugin will ask  you if you want to connect it to your existing account (your local q2a account).

Just confirm it.

Pay attention : all the data (points, posts...) of you existing account will be lost.

I think this is an issue that should be solved, because when I want to connect 2 accounts I want to mantain my data and not to loose them.

I've already opened an enhancement request for it.

But it looks like that there are some technical issues to merge two accounts in q2a.

However you can watch it here :




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I suggest you try the new (unreleased) version 3.0.0. You can find it in the development tree for now: https://github.com/alixandru/q2a-open-login/tree/development It has the ability to merge 2 arbitrary user accounts (when one of them is created through an external login provider).

You need to log in with your ordinary login, go to Account -> My Logins page and click on Google button at the bottom of the page, if merging is not already suggested to you. You will be offered the possibility to select which of the 2 accounts to be kept after the merge (as Maxj said, one of the 2 accounts will be removed).

In the previous versions you cannot select which account to keep so this is why v.3.0.0. is preferred. I hope this helps.

Sounds like a good improvement but I will wait until it becomes an official release. Thank you for the help.
FYI - v3.0.0 has been officially released.