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This would be useful in order to allow administrators to keep out abusive or profane posts, and in general to moderate. I can't see anything in the admin panel that allows this, though...

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There is currently no setup for questions to be automatically hidden for moderation. I don't believe that question2answer is going to be adding that setting either. Question2Answer is a community moderated software similar to stackoverflow and superuser.
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If there is sufficient demand, this might be implemented in a future version.

In the meantime you can achieve something similar by modifying function qa_question_create() in qa-app-post-create.php, as follows:

  • Change 'Q' to 'Q_HIDDEN' in the call to qa_db_post_create(...)
  • Comment out the call to qa_post_index(...)
  • Comment out the section if(isset($followanswer['notify']) && ...

Once you've done this, new questions will be created as hidden, and you can access them via the 'Hidden' panel under 'Admin' , and show them if you approve.