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I Install the plugin v1.2, I follow all the instructions.

The Plugin start to operate correctly.

5 days later (on saturday), no more activity are compute on the plugin.

All the new activity (new questions/answers post by the leader / or by new user) are no compute.

The order of users and number of activity showing are "frozen"

Help me please.

Q2A version: 1.6.1

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You probably disabled the event logger in >admin >plugins.

The event logger is needed as the plugin fetches all its data from the qa_eventlog table.
Thanks y Kai_echteinfachtv to try to help me.

But No, the event logger in >admin >plugins was never disabled.

A new week start today and the plugin restart to 0. The first activity is correctly compute.

I will Follow that.

Thanks to help me.
check if there are new events in qa_eventlog - events from today.
ok. Thanks  Kai_echteinfachtv