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I created a mobile theme as I would like it just the home page displays All Activity
And the theme of the computer is the adjustment of its homepage
I hope you understand what I want to excuse me I'm going through Google translation :/
Thank you very much for your help ;)
Q2A version: 1.6.2
You mean the Front Page you only want to display for Desktop but not Mobile? Including menu and page content both?
"Front Page you only want to display for Desktop" exactly :) thanks :)
Hmm...interesting.. need to check..let me try and get back to you.... by the way are you using Snow theme?
Yes Thank you so much

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You can do this by overriding theme, There are many way to do this.

but here is simple one:

function body()
    if( strlen(qa_request()) == 0){
        ///function for your home page style
       $this-> my_home();
        // this portion will load if not home

function my_home(){

    //your layout here


Please let me know, if anything is worng

Thank you for your reply but I do not understand where do I put the code
your theme folder qa-theme.php inside extend class, see advance theme doc on q2a.