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I made quick simple plugin yet useful if someone want to edit questions in moderation queue before publish. 

The plugin doesn't have any option and works like plug and use.


Q2A Market - Store

Q2A Market - Github

great idea, although, I can't see any edit option in the moderate page.

I downloaded from Github, maybe that zip is wrong? because the description says: "This plugin will allow you to hide sidebar on question2answer templates. It is easy to use only active checkbox and it will hide the sidebar and expand the content area."

Edit: I just downloaded from the market and still I don't see any edit option, could be because my language is spanish?
No there is nothing wrong with the language. The edit button you will find on the question view page and not to the moderator page.
Ohhh, thanks!

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I have the same problem here.

1- I copied the plugin at the plugin directory \qa162\qa-plugin\q2am-edit-and-moderate

2- Did not see the plugin at the  admin>plugin( i guess based on what you say it is ok)

3- went to admin>moderate and clicked on the question to see it at question page, but again no edit button is there!( image below)

Respect this great developer Jay, you should even be happy that he develops, contributes and supports some code for free ;)
@Another one Humanity comes before code development! This guy, whoever his is, refused to provide a simple , half a line of answer!
I am respecting him, he is not respecting himself!
This is about being professional!
If you really want to cover for himself, answer the question please!

He did not privide his code for free to me! It already wasted 2 hours of me. In Canada minimum wage is $10 around, so I already paid him at least $10X2 = $20
Side note:
I even wonder you might be another user he created to defend himself or even taking his side! cuz you guys all write irrelevance but the answer!
Appreciate Anyone Who Gives You Something Freely Just Like That Who Charges You. Also Dont Expect To Be Spoon Fed Here. If You Find A Bug You Might As Well As Fix It Like I Had Done Most Of The Times Or Be Patient And Retrace Your Steps. Jatin Soni Is As Helpful As Gedigreen Himself Respect Him
Please Check Inbox Message
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I do not work links to the plugin ((
I dont see much use of this plugin, why do u want to overload your site with plugins.
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