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In the /favorites page, this error presents itself when the user favorited a category.

How do you fix this?

Q2A version: 1.6.2

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I got that problem several times :) most cases because of theme changes, 
i do generally solve it by adding an    'id'=>'nameit' to  $qa_content [fields] declaration

For eg : i added 'id'=>'wallpost' to the end of  the following code in qa-page-user-profile.php to remove same error from wall posts 

'message' => array(
'tags' => 'name="message" id="message"',
'value' => qa_html(@$inmessage, false),
'rows' => 2,
'error' => qa_html(@$errors['message']),
I hope it helps :)



For some reason I didn't look at the path that the error was linking to :P. Sorry for that, it was just a silly error in my theme file.