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I'm using version 1.6.2. I would like to remove the vote and anwer count boxes from the related questions widget to reduce the amount of space the feature uses on the page. I'd also like to remove the tag displays from it. I've gone through the code in the qa-widget-related-qs.php and can't find anything that I think I could edit to make this work.  Is this possible?
Q2A version: 1.6.2

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The easiest way is throug yur css

Just add these lines to Your qa-styles.css if You placed the related questions widget in the "bottom area ". Other wise check the source code to see which class You have to set:

.qa-widget-main-bottom .qa-q-item-tags {display:none;}
.qa-widget-main-bottom .qa-voting {display:none;}
.qa-widget-main-bottom .qa-a-count {display:none;}