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Is there a way to add custom content in the sidebar?

I want to add some buttons images and html content. I am looking for something like Wordpress Widgets that lets someone add a blank box and write there whatever one want.

Is there a plugin for that ?



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Yes, you can add custom content in sidebar. check it in admin panel.
I need to add 4.

One at the top.
The second one after the activity
The third one after the categories
The fourth at the very bottom.

Each of them with custom HTML.

Where in admin I can add and arrange them ?
then you need to modify theme.
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You can make a theme, and override the sidepanel() function in qa-theme.php.

On my website I did this, adding the code below to qa-theme.php



function sidepanel()
$this->output('<div class="qa-sidepanel">');
$this->output('<br><div style="background:url('.$this->rooturl.'welcome1.png) no-repeat;width:176px;height:72px;"></div>');
$this->output('<br><a href="/about"><img title="About" src="'.$this->rooturl.'welcome2.png"></a>');
$this->output('<br><div style="background:url('.$this->rooturl.'welcome3.png) no-repeat;width:176px;height:136px;"></div>');
$this->output('<br><a href="/ask"><img title="New thread" src="'.$this->rooturl.'welcome4.png"></a>');
$this->widgets('side', 'top');
$this->widgets('side', 'high');
$this->nav('cat', 1);
$this->widgets('side', 'low');
$this->widgets('side', 'bottom');
$this->output('</div>', '');
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