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I have installed question2answer which is completly dedicated only for one country.

I want to add the software for multiple countries, so that professionals from different countries will have a dedicated page to discuss.

Please let me know how I'll be able to do this...

Thanking you in advance

It's not clear whether you want several languages in different sites or multi-language support. Please specify.
As stated earlier, I have question2answer software installed and it is dedicated for India.
Now, I want to have the software dedicated for USA.

I want a seperate q2a for India and USA with multi language feature.

so that users from India can click on link "India" to enter the indian Q2A and users from USA can click on a link "USA" to enter the Q2A dedicated for USA

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Simply put separate copies of Q2A in separate folders, e.g. example.com/in/ and example.com/us/

If you are using the same database for both, you'd need to set the table prefix in qa-config.php, for example "qa_in_" for India and "qa_us_" for USA. Alternately use a different database for each site (which might keep things a bit neater).

If you want to share the same user base across both sites then you can set the QA_MYSQL_USERS_PREFIX option in qa-config.php. Note that if you do this, you must use the same database for each Q2A.
little confused what to do with QA_MYSQL_USERS_PREFIX

i have define('QA_MYSQL_USERS_PREFIX', 'qa_users_'); in config file
Hi Scott:

I have install subdomain copy with following changes in config but it is not showing users except admin.

table prefix: changed from main installation  e.g qa_mysite_
user prefix: same as main installation
cookies: same as main installation
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In my opinion best and easiest way is to make two different Q2A folders with different databases for users from different countries.

For example:

www.site.com - default (indian) version

www.site.com/en/ - version for english users

You can also use subdomains:



fr.site.com and etc.